Zake Ge'Non

The Main Protaganist


A grey skinned fetchling, Zake is completely bald. He has a long face that is weathered and creased before his time. Zake is never with out his black cloak, usually with the hood drawn up.


Zake Ge’Non was born in the Dark Court on the Plane of Shadow. As the son of a lesser noble he was taken as a babe to be brought up as a Shadow Guard to the Black Tower. The Black Tower is home to most powerful of the Plane of Shadows magic users, specializing in manipulating the planes energies.

Zake was trained to wield weapons, primarily the Shadow Guards signature weapon the falchion,as well as to channel energy from the Plane of Negative Energy. The Shadow Guard is able to utilize negative energy to destroy positive energy based life and heal many creatures native to the Plane of Shadows.

The young Shadow Guard was singled out by the Black Tower when it was discovered that he had a strong bond with the Plane of Shadow. Zake could create illusionary beasts from the planes energies and give them so much substance that they would be come permanent, fully sentient beings. He was a Creator.

The Shadow Council, leaders of the Black Tower and the Kayal city of Drakthorn, decided not to train him in his powers but to instead send him as both a diplomat and explorer to the Material Plane.

Zake Ge'Non

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